Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vancouver Magazine

As I writte in a prior blog (the Vancouver magazine send a photographe to my production facility for my raspberry & rosemary sea salt) they told me my product will be in a article for 101 Things to Taste Before You Die.
Here I am! # 54. Rosemary Raspberry Sea Salt
Maison Côté’s rosemary raspberry sea salt is a riot of flavour. We suggest sprinkling it on vanilla ice cream—really.

I do not agree for the Salt on Ice Cream but all taste are in Nature, I prefer it on a Tuna salad, or on a duck, a venison or a nice piece of beef or just on a salad, but you enjoy my creation the way you want
Thank-You Vancouver Magazine for noticing me

Jean-Pierre Cote / Maison Cote

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Couple easy idea for party

Mini quiche, marinated mushroom, roasted garlic and grill pepper, cheese and grape, stuff chicken salad mini pita, Vegetable plate hot and cold serve with a roasted pepper mayo, mix olive soak in olive oil and fresh thyme...

Bread Stick dip in mayo or mustard and roll the cold cut, to be done at the last minute only, if not the humidity of the cold cut will make them need a bleu pill ! top with parmesan and pepper

Tomatoes poke with a clean needle and soak in vodka
serve on a bed of basil & garlic sea salt

Couples Foods Pictures for Idea

For my friend Hanif we cook a feast as a gift for his wedding