Sunday, May 8, 2011

Maison Cote Edible made in Vancouver (Hong kong memories)

I am creating 2 new flavour to my collection with a Hong kong Inspiration.
My Friend Yu bring me to this little Hong kong Pastry Shop and it look great like a lot of those pastry and cup cake place we order 3, a green tea, Chocolate caramel & fleur de sel cup cake & one lytchee raspberry & rose macaron.
I have to say I am not a fan of the Cup cake I do not get it I try two time the shop in Vancouver and it taste like sawdust they are not better then a Duncan hines mix just more dry with lot of sugar and fat, no particular pleasure to eat, So I try the one in Hong kong, It taste like France, it was light, moist, Oh so tasty, the fleur de sel was in perfect proportion to bring the caramel & chocolate taste to a new level of flavour, here in Vancouver they put so much of it it just taste salty caramel more is not better guys. Then we have the macaron usually I am not a big fan of them outside France as they are made in huge commercial facility they are dry and have not lot of flavour, this one was so perfect I had the impression to be at Laduree in Paris, the raspberry, lytchee & rose was so wonderful the texture crack when you bite soft in the middle and the flavour just give there taste in a delicate manner to please your palate.
to keep a long lasting memories of this wonderful day I created a raspberry, lytchee & rose Champagne Vinegar & a Raspberry, lytchee & rose sea salt.
I hope you will love them as I do.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thank-you Hong Kong

Thank-You to all my Friends in Hong kong, new & old who always make sure to make every one of my visit better then the last one. I do not know how you make it but each time I am sure it is impossible to top and you always do.
I am the most lucky person in the world to be able to have you as friends, To all: Pia, Dune, Bonny, Ann, my Ann, Keiki, Wendy, Shaun, Johnson, Madame Lo, your two daughters, Mavis, Alex & you Yu especially you YU a million Thank-you for those unforgettable 13 day, incredible Dim sum, lunch, snack, dinner, the trip to Macau, pick me up here & there dropping me back to the hotel every night... You Friendship are all so important to me.
Thank-You, Thank-You & Thank-You

Friday, May 6, 2011

last day in Hong kong

Last day in Hong Kong now back to a week of Jet lag in Vancouver.