Monday, November 29, 2010

Maison Cote Edible made in Vancouver/ Holiday are on the way

Mini confit duck pie under a bed of brie and soak brandy apricot
Chicken with is corn risotto and 5 spices

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Maison Cote Edible made in Vancouver/ Victoria out of hand christmas show

Come and visit us at the Crystal Garden Victoria BC Friday to Sunday
Cheer Jean-Pierre
Maison Cote Edible made in Vancouver

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Maison Cote Edible made in Vancouver/ Circle Craft 2010 / Thank-You

Thank-You to all my fabulous Friends and clients for you're amazing support to my small Local Company
Have a wonderful holiday & see you all soon
A very thankful
Vancouver food Artisan

( in the Picture a group of faboulous news friends)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Maison Cote Edible made in Vancouver/ Circle Craft 2010

It is already the last day at Circle Craft Thank-You for your Support I will be in VIctoria next Week at the Crystal Garden for Out of Hand and on Granville Island on Dec 02 to 05
at White Rock Farmer Market on Sunday Dec 05 as well

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maison Cote, edible made in Vancouver/ Circle Craft

Here we are only on sleep before the grand day, it is funny to still have butterflys in my stomach before a show
Here is some of the first pictures you will be able to see starting tomorrow.

Spices box collection:
Peppers in follies,
sea salt box small and large, large box
Large box 200Gr for sea salt bettwen 60to 160 Gr for peppers ($8.00 each 3/$20.00)
small box 30 Gr. sea salt only ($4.00 Each or 3/$10.00)

Maison Cote #10 Balsamic 200Ml. $20.00 or 2 / $35.00 (Limited production)
Made from acetified grape must matured using the Solera method of blending, transferring the vinegar between a succession of high quality barrels of different sizes. A several year refinement process in high quality wood results in a rich and assertive condiment with a warm brown color and a thick, fluid consistency. The aroma is penetrating and persistent. With port and madeira undertones, it is a classic balsamic taste.
You will be able to taste and feel the difference between an aged vinegar and the cheap substitutes made by adding caramel sugar or other products. This balsamic vinegar has hints of orange and fig flavors.

Maison Côté Pure Gold Balsamic 200Ml. $12.00 or 2/$20.00 (Limited Production)
Made from a blend of champagne vinegar, white wine and varietal white grape concentrate. It has a light amber color with a zesty flavor and light floral tones that enhance the natural flavors of salads and grilled vegetables, great as a bread dipper.

6% acid, contains sulfites.

Maison Cote Italian black summer truffle sea salt & raw cashew
120 Gr. $10.00each or 3/$25.00

Hope to see you this week at Circle craft Vancouver New Convention Center B105

Monday, November 1, 2010

Maison Cote, edible made in Vancouver/ Baking supply

As the Holiday are fast approching here is Maison Cote Baking Collection

Pure Extract:

Vanilla 2 Fold


Vanilla 2 Fold

Infuse Water:

Orange blossom
Rose water

Flavor Sugar:

Lemon coconut
Star Anise
Chocolate & chili

Flavor dry honey
Star anis

Maison Cote Estate Balsamic

10 year old