Saturday, January 30, 2010

Edible BC, Why I do not sell my products to them anymore

Since Edible BC has changed management/ownership things have not been the same. In the past I felt my work as a food artisan very much appreciated. There was a great deal of mutual respect on our joint adventure of getting great flavours to the folks of BC and to the world through their outlet on Granville Island.
Recently, I find that many of my flavours have now been made available under a new Edible BC brand. They are so similar in fact that I am getting flooded with emails from my clients asking what has changed with my product(and not for the better). This is not what I would expect from a company who's mandate is to promote local BC foods.
I am so grateful that my customers are loyal and have such excellent taste! My products will continue to be available through the Farmer's Markets, Granville Island as a day vendor, online and local craft shows where you have found me in the past. Thank you for taking the time to notify me of your concerns.
Jean-Pierre Cote Maison Cote Vancouver