Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maison Cote Edible made in Vancouver BC New Vancouver Jerk seasoning

I had lot of request from my American clients to have a Jerk seasoning, I call all my Caribbean Friends and we brains storm on what should be a good Jerk, well here it is a new creation: Vancouver Jerk seasoning (Dedicated to the Vancouver men copying my brand) compare to him my blend is a fresh creation, made with Habaneros, chipotle, thyme, oregano, shallot, toasted onion, Kitsilano pepper, organic pacific sea salt, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, organic sugar.
The great revenge is to be able to create not to copy or steal, I really pity him, the other Vancouver Jerk

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Maison Cote Edible made in Vancouver New Rub feedback

I love feedback on my product Please keep them coming


My girlfriend Gracie gave me a bag of Hell Rub which she bought from you a few weeks ago at the farmer's market in Vancouver. I was told to be sure to right you with some feedback about how it is. I love it, it gives a great spicy kick that is different from chili flakes, chipotle spice, cayenne pepper or even fresh habanero or thai chili. It gives a slow building flavour which is very noticeable but also very flavourful. I have tried it as a dry rub on chicken, a wet rub (with ketchup and molasses and brown sugar) on burgers, chicken breast and roast pork and have also mixed it into sphaghetti and fresh hamburgers. I use about a tablespoon for a 4-5 person serving of food, which works well when it is eaten right away. I tried my sphaghetti the next day and it had intensified quite a bit over night in flavour. I look forward to mixing into salsa and guacamole and would be very pleased if you had other suggestions for it.

I'll certainly be looking for more by the end of the summer.



Maison Cote Edible made in Vancouver this week production

It all about Rubs this week with the return of Summer
A nice selection of dry rubs:
Fish, Tandoori, Curry, Pork, Beef, Chicken, Cowboy (south west) Salmon
Herbal Blend : Mykonos, Chili Citrus, French Seasoning, Jamaican Jerk
Sea salt: Kosher Bacon (simili Bacon) herbe de Provence

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Maison Cote, Edible made in Vancouver on Twitter and facebook

Need to find out Maison Cote Edible made in Vancouver, last update on Farmer Market, craft show or Granville Island as a day vendor or any other subject related to my production, well two more choice
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Facebook under Jean-Pierre Cote


Edible made in Vancouver Grapefruits granite

As I do the most part of all my citrus peel I am left with the flesh and juices from those wonderful fruits As I could not use them all I freeze the most of it, so here is a easy way to make a grapefruits granite
Squeeze 4 large pink grapefruits place in a large freezer ziplook bag place on a cookie sheet in the freezer, when frozen just crush the frozen grapefruits add lavender sugar and serve