Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Maison Cote Granville Island this week-end

I will be on Granville Island Public Market this week end, 
 Thursday March 01 to Sunday March 04 
9 Am to 7 PM

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Maison Cote Think global act rural



"Alarm-raising and catastrophist films have been made, and they have served their purpose. Now the time has come to show that there are solutions, to give a voice to the farmers, philosophers and economists who are inventing and experimenting with new alternatives, while explaining why our society is mired in the current ecological, financial and political crises."
Coline Serreau

Going beyond merely denouncing an agricultural system that has been perverted by unreasonable growth imperatives, Coline Serreau invites us in "Think Global Act Rural" to discover new farming systems, successful production techniques which not only produce better yield, but also repair the damages and offer better life and health to the communities, while ensuring perennial food security.

Coline Serreau travelled the world for over three years, armed with a handheld camera, to meet women and men in the field - thinkers and economists - who locally, successfully, are trying out solutions to mend our long ill-treated earth.

Pierre Rabhi, Claude and Lydia Bourguignon, the landless workers of Brazil, Kokopelli in India, Mr. Antoniets in Ukraine... Meet the resistance fighters in love with Earth. In turn funny and touching, assertive and inspired, they are granted a speaking platform in Coline Serreau's documentary.

The series of unbelievably concordant interviews proves that there are options, that an alternative is possible. It is responding, with concrete elements, to the ecological challenges and, generally speaking, to the civilization crisis, we are currently going through.

On Net flick in foreign film section French, English subtitle, very important film to understand the farming system since the war. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Maison Cote Coconut butter

 this is one of the biggest trend in food in the last couple years   Coconut  oil or butter 
here is an easy way to make Coconut bitter at home

shredded non sweeten or defatted  coconut  flakes or shaving  purchase at any natural store  buy it in bulk, throw it in a blender and let it run a medium  for couple minutes 
it will shred then it will start to liquified  you may have to stop the blender to push down the coconut from the wall of your blender  

 When liquified put in a clean jar add a clean lid and here you go  
Coconut butter  it will solidified in couple minutes  (do not refrigerate) 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Maison Cote Granville Island

We will be on Granville Island all Week end from 9 Am to 7 PM 
Friday  Feb 17 to Sunday February 19
At  B1( Ask any day vendor or to stores ask where are the cold room we are just across) 
in the Public Market

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Maison Cote (pear compote)

So Easy  any pear  those are bosc  I purchase 6 Lbs for $4.99 
wash cut & dice  lemon juice agave vanilla beans
slow cook then pass it with the emulsion blender or a mesh colander 

wonderful in the morning with butter toast

Little afternoon salad
Fresh mix salad top with almond meal 
left over from almond milk.  I just make  Almond milk 2 day in a row with the same almond and I dry them in the oven great use in meat balls, cookies, yogurt or salad...

You could ground the almond meal to make a flour  keep it in the freezer till you need it

Maison Cote dry rubs

As we sold out on our fantastic dry rubs last week-end  
we are in production for this week-end on Granville Island at the Public Market 
As we do all our products by hands and in small batch it is preferable for you to pre-order if you do not want to be disappointed, Thank-you so much to this beautiful Vancouver lady giving her tandoori rub to this lady from Montreal as she add the last one What great clientele I have !
This week dry rub production.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maison Cote Vanilla Powder

Vanilla beans are fantastic they have so many use  and are not expensive if you find a honest store 
 we sale 1/4 LBS for $20.00 around 35 Beans Madagascar or Papua New Guinea we also have a certified organic  Madagascar for $25.00 in the 1/4 lbs. 

if you purchase to many  did not put then in vodka or in vanilla extract and you got dry vanilla beans do not trough them away grind them in a clean blender or coffee grinder to a fine powder then use it in all your baking, coffee... there is still lot of flavor in those dry stick.

We do cary our own vanilla powder at our market 
have a great day 
Jean-Pierre Cote 
Maison Cote, edible made in Vancouver 
since 1993

Maison Cote Granville Island This week-end

I will be on Granville Island Public Market this week end from Friday to Sunday  9 Sm to 7 PM 
hope to see you  

This is my new creation   
Wedding Princess Sea Salt 
A blend of semi coarse and flakes sea salt infuse with shiraz  the flavor will fade but the pigment will leave a wonderful pink color to make all your dish as pretty as you need with no artificial chemical. 
I had bottle another batch of my 15 years old balsamic Yuzu Vinegar,
 as I sold out the first one last week-end 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maison Cote almond milk

Home made Almond Milk
1 Cup of whole Almond wash them  and then soak them in water over night keep in the fridge

 Next day put the soak almond with the water in the blender

Add water 

 Filter to a strainer, you now have almond milk  do not discard the almond  add it to a meet loaf, cereal, cookies, a vegetarian burger...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Maison Cote Lamb meat balls

In honor of the comments made by the President of 
Loblaw's Galen Weston
Farmer;s Markets will kill some people... 

Dear MR. Weston, 
I love to live dangerously, but not enough to shop at your stores anymore.

Farmer market tribute

all ingredients are from Vancouver Farmer market, my Vancouver garden or Granville Island organic acres.
I blend some ground local lamb form the farmer market, sautes some organic onion, kale, sundry tomatoes, garlic & Maison Cote sea salt seasonings, add to the ground lamb + one egg, bread crumbs,  Maison Cote (my exotic pepper blend with lemon grass cardamom)  roll them, brown them,   in a skillet, add my tomato sauce made with defrosted market tomatoes, fresh onion
& garlic, lot of baby kale, couple drop of my own grown Meyer lemon juice and let it slowly cook, serve on brown rice

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Maison Cote at the Granville Island Public Market

I will be on Granville Island Public Market this Week-End 
Friday February 10 to sunday February 12 
from 9 Ma to 7 PM
we will be moving to the corridor between the Petit Ami Coffee shop and the Salmon shop across the Chicken shop 
 Mini flakes sea salt
 Black Summer truffle sea salt 
Wonderful grinder 

New production of 
15 year old balsamic Yuzu, white peach, maple
12 year old balsamic White peach, white truffle, Mission figs
Estate Balsamic, blackberry, cranberry, raspberry

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Maison Cote Chicken, saffron, fennel congee

 I love congee, this was not always the case, I remember looking at Chinese eating morning congee with chicken & mushroom, this was so not my idea of breakfast, couples years ago I did have a mouth surgery and I was offer congee and it was love at first taste.
From Vancouver where we have a very large modern Chinese community with a very diverse cuisine I was able to indulge in my congee pleasure every day for a very small price,  when in Hong Kong my best foody friends bring me to the best congee maker in the City I am just in congee heaven.

I found lot of recipe online and try some and realize how easy it is to make
basic one ( I am sure some congee expert or enthusiast will say I do not do it right but you could never please everybody)

here is my little easy recipe
1 cup of wash rice ( I use basmati as this is the one I have at home)
10 cup of water, salt, pepper to taste a pinch of saffron treads, & a cube of organic chicken stock
Bring you rice and water to boil let it roll for 2 min. then 30 to 45 min on medium heat
I just use a emersion blender to make it smooth
add some boil chicken and toasted fennel seeds
I like to top it with a spicy sauce but this is me.

Here is some variation you like it more thick then less water more liquid as a soup then 12 cup of water
usually when I make a chicken one I use half home made chicken stock and half water

I realize there is no rule make a tandoori or Madras curry,  a sweet one with raisin, half orange juice and water, a tomato & basil one, lobster & vanilla on a fish stock ... it stop where your imagination stop, have fun
Happy congee

Friday, February 3, 2012

Maison Cote / Granville Island Public Market

Well let see today we did not bring any truffle sea salt and I did have 8 request 
I refill my table on Granville Island with 20 Jar of  black truffle sea salt for tomorrow Saturday 
as I sold out on Peach and white truffle 12 year old balsamic I refill it with the last of my production

I will have to bottle next week 
We will bottle a new production of 12 year old balsamic vinegar infuse with Mission figs, white peach, yuzu,  maple syrup, white truffle.

Maison Cote Truffle sea salt

No matter what I will bring to my market  it is always the one I do not bring, who will be the one ask for
For the last 15 market the Truffle sea salt do not move  ( to expensive $22.00 per 100 Gr ?) so I decide to not bring it this week end  what was the first client request this morning!
With 480 products and a brain full of idea,  following the season for fresh ingredients it is very hard to bring it all on such of a small space,  if you really have a thing for one of my creation do not be disappointed pre-order it and I will make my best to have ready for you.
Jean-Pierre Cote