Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Circle craft move from East to West Convention Center

I received a very sad news today from Circle Craft, This will affects so many Artisans and crafters depending on a clockwise seri of National Christmas shows, at Christmas time all show are held in less then 45 day & good artisans make 60 to 80% of their year, with this bad news lots of Artisans will have to make painful choice to cancel the less lucrative show this will impact on smaller show already struggling to survive, I am sorry to inform my Wonderful clientele from the Island I will not be participating to the Out of hand in Victoria this year due to the date conflict, I will try to accommodate you the best I could with free shipping to the Vancouver Island for all November month

Here is the official email
March 2, 2010
To All Circle Craft Christmas Market 2010 Exhibitors and Applicants:

We have recently been informed that the roof of the building that we hold
our show in is to be replaced over the next year and we will be unable to
Hold our show on our traditional dates over November 11th.

We have just secured the dates of November 17th through 21st in the new West
Building of the Vancouver Convention Centre for the 2010 show. Move in will
be November 15th and 16th and move out will take place after the show closes
on Nov 21st.

This change will affect many of you who do the Victoria Out of Hand and the
Calgary Art Market shows and I'm sure others as well. I've been in contact
with Marlene Loney from Art Market and Ramona from Out of Hand and we are
doing everything in our power to minimize the impact of this, on you our
exhibitors, but our options are very limited.Those of you going to Toronto
following Circle Craft will have to have two setups as we will be unable to
ship from Vancouver in time for you to set up in the east.

One thing that we are able to do is allow you to send a "representative" to
one of the shows if you are double booked. While not ideal by any means, it
may be better than having to cancel a show.

On the up side....this is the move we've been looking forward to for several
years and .......
Circle Craft Christmas Market will be the"first art and craft show held in
this beautiful, state of the art, facility".

We will be returning to our "traditional" dates in 2011.

Paul Yard