Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New production of balsamic

I have filter a new production of  traditional Balsamic
Dark Balsamic:
Mission figs, Madras curry & mango, Porcini, Citrus, White Peach. 
White Balsamic :
White peach, Citrus, Smoked paprika, Tomatoes, Tarragon, Chipotle.
Oil  Grapeseed oil:
Lemon, Orange, Garlic, Basil, Rosemary & orange, Lime, Shallot. 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Seattle Trip

I just get back from Seattle 
I spend a night at a older hotel, so so I will not get back there again I was planning to be at the Westin but the website of this hotel look pretty great and it was OK, but back to the Westin next Time.
As I had a long day of work today I decide to arrive early and enjoy the City
Each time I visit this beautiful City I always really enjoy myself
For Dinner in the Downtown Seattle,  Dahlia Lounge
A great little restaurant with a eclectic decor a bit dark to my taste but very nice with little sealing lights, (the one you will find in a small French or Italian village at night where all the villager meet for food, wine and dance)
The menu simple and pleasing to a foody, really get me struggling to find only one appetizer and on main dish.
We start with a wonderful bread salad ( pesto, olive, mozzarella & spicy coppacola ) Wonderful! the bread was smoky pestoy and a bit sweet with a touch of vinegar, I just love it!

We add the Verjus braised pork cheeks, semolina porridge & currant panzanella WOW I have no words in my restricted English to express how great it was YUM

Angie have a glass of wine with each course as I never drink I will not be abel to express her pleasure but she look pretty satisfied

She choose the rotisserie five spice duck, crispy Hong Kong soba broccoli, oyster sauce and orange chili dip It was spectacular
I had the Spit roasted Berkeshire pork rack, braised giant bean, Sauteed mustard greens stone ground mustard
It was so good I will eat this dish again and again
I was so stuff after this meal and I am pretty never empress with desert menu, I just ask for herbal tea. Angie order the Coconut Pie and I suggest to take only a bite, just to try right Well She had to fight me to have it back It was so good even the service was exceptional WOW it is so rare I enjoy a meal from start to end
I am so happy