Sunday, October 11, 2009

infuse Maple syrup and Balsamic Glaze or reduction

I am often ask if I have my balsamic glaze
I do them only when I have a bit of time to spare, in the last 3 year I am ask more and more for this nice treat ! As you could find a commercial one in all good food store or at Italian specialty store I do not see why I should make one at double the price then the fancy store around 6.00 CAN $ for a 250Ml. (a Cup)
When I make those Glaze 10 year ago no one want them, now as they are in fashion I could not keep them on the Shelfs when I make some, so here is two simple recipe. As balsamic glaze is just a fancy way of saying reduce down balsamic vinegar use 2 cup of any vinegar bring it to a rolling boil them let it sim slowly till it is reduce by half, store in a sterilize container and keep into the fridge, good for couples weeks. For a more stable one, make it as a simple syrup 2 cup of sugar one cup of vinegar bring it to a rolling boil and keep it high for a minute to make sure all sugar are dissolve pack in a sterilize container seal and just enjoy this wonderful sweet and sour treat.
(longer you boil it more thick it get if you boil it to much you will have a very nice soft to hard candy or it burn and it is over as every stove are different just experiment.)

Another product I do not make often is a flavor maple syrup (Vanilla, Matcha tea, Grand Marnier...) Bring 1 liter of pure maple syrup and then bring to a slow boil skim the top pan to have a clear maple syrup add a split vanilla bean in hot sterilize bottle pour the hot liquid into the bottle seal and enjoy keep in the fridge.