Sunday, April 28, 2013

A day in Hong Kong

My Hong Kong Breakfast  to keep me going till latter tonight

Hong Kong is building 3 new line of MTR ( Subways, No not the Restaurant)
This City is so efficient and public transportation friendly 

 I just like this building

 Sunday is a day off for the Filipino working in HK and they join there friends in Parks but lots in Central

 IFC building

 My Friend Yu is writing a book about the Mandarin Oriental 
 At IFC  the tea shop I like 

Inside the MTR 

 And finally after a long day, dinner
Spicy cucumbers
 noodle Taiwan style
 here is a view of the table
 3 cup chicken another Taiwan dish (steaming hot)
 and at the back some garlic green 
Did I mention how I love my life