Friday, December 30, 2011

Maison Cote I love left over

With some lamb left over 
I made some mini stuff pasta with lamb, acorn squash, fennel
saute with onion, chayotte, cherry tomatoes, spinach and herbes de Provence
so easy, so tasty

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Maison Cote left over duck confit

    Left over duck confit,  in a omelette with shiitake and serve with fine herbe mayonnaise 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Maison Cote, little feast

Dinner: Lamb, roasted tomatoes on a bed of shallot, chayotte, fennel, shiitake mushroom & walnut, deglaze with cognac
as i am the only one having a craving for lamb I make it for me  

Maison Cote, Holidays treats

Local  Walnuts found Christmas Vancouver farmer market November 13/2011 at the Croatian center
They are so good so fresh. 
 I will make a pesto with some of them blend with some arugula, spinach and lemon olive oil. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Maison Cote Black truffle omelette

I love the Holiday 
 I could cook anything I want  anytime 
Love, love the Holidays

Maison Cote Edible E-mail of the day

Wow it is the first time my website pass 10,000 visitor mark in a month,  Thank-you guys

Here is the E-mail of the day Keep them coming they make me so happy.

Hello Jean-Pierre,

My husband, a chef in the UK is a big fan of your flavoured salts. I promised to get him many, many bags of various salts for Christmas but, when I went to get them at the Granville Island this past week while visiting my parents in Vancouver for the holidays, I couldn’t find you!  I’m still in Vancouver for the remainder of this week, leaving the morning of Dec 31. Would it be possible to pick up a variety of salts at your production facility?


Of course Susan, I will be very happy to open the production facility for you.

Brie en croute 
so simple a brie or camembert  add some Dijon mustard spinach on top of the cheese wrap in pastry, egg wash then bake  

Monday, December 26, 2011

Maison Cote Holiday lunch

There is nothing like a Duck Confit with roasted potatoes and  asparagus to make you feel special

Friday, December 23, 2011

Maison Cote at Well seasoned

If you ever go to Langley in BC  you have to go to Well Seasoned a very charming multi purpose cooking shop with a large selection of local food artisans, an incredible selection of international food to please any level of cook in your house. on top of the shop, two cooking classroom 
(always sold out with the best of the North America Chef), a great knowledge of foods and ingredients, a news paper column, regular guest on CTV,  radio show, guest judges in international BBQ contest, creator of the famous BBQ on the Bypass....
She is the only one I know with so much respect and passion for Local food Artisans.

You have to see it to believe it, do the drive you will love it, 
far from those stuffy fashionable foods shop in Vancouver 
The Valley do not need Vancouver anymore but we need more of Angle and Well Seasoned in Vancouver, 
She is a long time friend and a mentor, one of the only place I trust to wholesale some of my products

Cheek her out
She is brilliant 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Maison Cote easy Holidays

Let the Festivity start

Mini tomatoes poke with a clean needle and soak in vodka infuse with lemon & basil on a bed of basil garlic sea salt

Bread stick dip in mustard or mayo. wrap with roast beef and turkey top with parmigiano reggiano
(note this stick will absorb the moisture, make it at the last minute)

Mix Potatoes salad with wild cook salmon, roasted red bell pepper in a dill & Meyer lemon mayonnaise  

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Maison Cote Last day in 2011 at the Granville Island Public Market

Today is the last day of my 2011 Season Thank-You so much for another great year 
Thank-you at my clients from Vancouver : Trout Lake, West End, Kitsilano, Granville Island farmer market and Public Market, Whistler Farmer market, cranberry festival, the home & garden show, PNE, 
Circle Craft, Victoria out of hands...
A wonderful Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa or any Holiday bringing you peace and love 
Wishing on you and your love one, health, love, a table always full of good foods & friends.
Have a wonderful holidays  & a happy new year 
Jean-Pierre Cote  Maison Cote Edible made in Vancouver  Est.1993

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Maison Cote

Only 87 bottle left  of my 12 year old aged balsamic  
Mission figs
White peach
White truffle

 only couple balsamic jelly left

Do not be disappointed pre order

 Vanilla bean 1/4 LBS  (around 35 bean) Certified Organic Madagascar 2011 Harvest 

Maison Cote, Raspberry chipotle orange & oregano sea salt

Herbs blend are perfect to add in mayo, yogurt, salsa, I like them in butter to stir fry.  

New Raspberry chipotle sea salt with orange zest & oregano,
 made with a semi-coarse Atlantic natural sea salt this sea salt creation will give a beautiful boost of flavor on chicken, duck, pork, beef, lamb, potatoes, salsa...

Only 4 Day left and we are gone till  Mid February 
On Granville Island till Sunday at the Public Market 
Saturday Vancouver Farmer Market Christmas Craft extravaganza at the Croatian Center  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Maison cote E-mail of the Day

Danielle Bennett Dimovski5:10pm Dec 12

Made homemade caramels tonight topped with your fig and proscuitto salt. To die for !! Joyeaux Noel !

Thank-you DivaQ  I wish you a Joyeux Noel as well 
Look at you, you are smoking hot baby 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Maison Cote Cheezzee Sunday

Nothing is better to relax with good friends, Cheese crackers, good bread, olives, Saucisson, terrine, and off course my balsamic Jelly.
 It start to smell like Christmas at home 
Happy Holiday's 

Maison Cote The Original specialty edible sea salt specialist in Vancouver since 1993 , Save up to $ 277.80

There is a Spin off of my best seller product made by an ex-client
They wholesale now in 100 stores in BC 
We made the calculation 
20 Gr Portuguese flavor sea salt at $5.99, see in a Victoria grocery = almost $300 Per Kilo, 
It is more expensive then our Real Italian Black Summer Truffle sea salt, $220. Per Kilo 
But we all know the price of real truffle.

We have created since 1991, 480 blend of flavor sea salt, all natural solar salt harvest form France, Spain,  Italy,  Portugal,  Greece, Belgium, New-Zealand,  Australia,  Philippines,  Korea,  Japan, Bolivia,  California...
Our sea salt blend come in 300 Gr for $8.00 Per Bag or 3 for $20.00  Price per Kilo $22.20,
 a saving of $277.80 from the spin off,  
Our natural original sea salt blend are available in coarse, semi coarse or fine stone ground.


We have created 3 years ago a new line of flakes sea salt made with our Pacific Ocean a very expansive process to making this delicate salt flakes, we infused it with the best herbes and spices of this world.
 Maison Cote infuse Pacific flakes sea salt are available in 2 size 
20 Gr  3 for $10.00 = $166 per kilo

40 Gr. 2 for $10.00 = $125 per kilo
Different price online 
Experience 20 years of experience  
Thank-you for supporting a original Artisan, Maison Cote Edible made in Vancouver 
since 1991, incorporated in 1993
Do not get foul by a copy 

Maison Cote edible made in Vancouver 
Sea to Sky Salt 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Maison Cote Vanilla Beans, Paste or Pure Extract

We have one more week and we are off till February 
This week will be your last chance to Purchase any of our fine product 
I will be on Granville Island from Monday to Sunday December  12 to 18  
and as well at the Vancouver Farmer Market Christmas fair Saturday 17  at the Croatian Center 

Keep in mind  for Vanilla Beans  in 1/4 LBS  they need to be pre-order 

1/4 Lbs Vanilla bean from Papua New Guinea $20.00 Around 30 Beans
1/4 Lbs Madagascar Vanilla Beans $20.00 Around 34 Beans
1/4 Lbs  Organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans $25.00 Around 34 Beans

Remember when you purchase vanilla Beans  you should alway be able to wrap it around your finger without cracking the bean, As Whitney say if it Crack it Wack

Friday, December 9, 2011

Maison Cote, salt pickle Meyer Lemon

It Citrus Season
Maison Cote
Meyer lemon, bay leaf from my garden, kitsialno peppercorn, pickle in salt brine
Will be ready for February market 
have a wonderful holiday

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If you live in Victoria BC My friend Daniel have those fun class

 If you live around Victoria BC,  my Friend Daniel have those fun class, Check it out !

 Daniel will be running a Cooking/Gardening Class early in the new year, at the Fairfield Gonzales Community Centre.

Since these things take time, we wanted to ask once again if each of you would kindly forward this information to family and friends who might have an interest.
Thank you! 

Cooking/Gardening Class
Wednesday, Jan.25th 7:30pm-9:30pm 1/$55
Register at 250-382-4604.

Radichio, Cornsalad and Brussel Endive: Everybody knows
about classic cold weather vegetables that grow or can be
harvested in winter: carrots, leek, and cabbage to name just
a few. The 100 mile diet does not stop there: Victoria's mild
winters allow you to harvest a variety of fresh salads and
'exotic' European vegetables all year long. During the first
part of the class you will learn everything you need to know
to ensure your next winter's diet will not consist solely of
leek, carrots and imported Mexican salads. Next Winter
your salads will come fresh from your own garden! You will
be given seeds of the less common varieties and given instructions
to guarantee a plentiful crop. During the second
part of the class Chef Daniel will demonstrate amazing
dishes that will freshen up your usual winter diet. There will
be ample opportunity to sample the delicacies and as always,
a recipe collection will be handed out.
Fairfield Gonzales Community Centre Commercial Kitchen
P.S. the photo of the endive was taken the beginning of December!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Maison Cote Best e-mail of the week

We met at the farmer's market in Whistler in late August and you said that your White Truffle Balsamic would be the best vinegar I ever had, and it is! In fact, I've used up my bottle. Is it possible for you to ship me six bottles? It would be going to New Jersey, USA. Please let me know. Thanks,
Yes I could mail it to you from  Blaine by Friday  Just look on my blogge under glass shipping, November post

Hello Jean-Pierre,

After going to a craft fair @ croatian cultural centre and seeing sea to sky seasonsings, I stumbled onto your website to read what has happened to you with the edible bc.  It made me quite upset reading this story.  I had thought that their sea to sky seasonings was a unique product and was produced by an artisan who was fortunate enough to have Edible BC carry their producets.  I had bought quite a lot, only to find out that even the name was taken from your company.  I see that you will be at Granville Island from the 12th to the 18th.  I am not sure if I would be able to drop by during the week day but had a question about the 17th.  You will be at both the famers market and the Granville Island Public Market?  I would prefer to go to Granville island as I will be in that area and wanted to know if you will be having similar product?  

Thank you,

Yes it is sad it is call a passage  when a store make a spin off of a supplier best product
The sad part in it  there was a article in the Vancouver Sun this week:

Sea to Sky Seasonings started on his kitchen table in Squamish after Edible BC lost its specialty salt supplier.
"We had been selling flavoured salts for a number of years when our supplier decided he didn't want to whole-sale any more," Pateman said. Edible BC has lost a number of producers who decided that the leap from cottage to commercial was too hard and packed it in.

Yes I was the specialty salt supplier it is funny as Mr. Pateman try to give itself a good conscience as we never stop whole sallying our products to him, he just stop ordering from us, they move lot of my products for 5 years and as Mr Pateman said they sale up to $10,000 a month of my Products. Mr Pateman is a business men with an MBA from England, I was is biggest supplier (with no love between each other I must say), he saw the value in my product
Now he produce a very similar product as my best seller for is store, he wholesale it in more then 100 stores and he try to get to the same Farmer market I do. Is this a bit convenient as an excuse to take the work of an Artisan especially when your claim to promote Local food artisan not to take there work from them?

MR Pateman said in the same article
"Since July of last year we were buying from a local supplier who was bringing in salt from Portugal," he said. "Now we are buying it direct from Portugal 1,000 kilos at a time.

Oh this sound so familiar "

PS. Maison Cote still produce 60 tone of seasoned sea salt a year, 5 tone of peppers and many spices to creating new edible every year to please your palate

I am so grateful that my customers are loyal.
My products will continue to be available through the Farmer's Markets, Granville Island (as a day vendor), online and local craft shows where you have found me in the past. 

Well Seasoned carry part of my line 
Thank you for taking the time to notify me of your concerns.

Jean-Pierre Cote / Maison Cote Edible made in Vancouver Est. 1993

Friday, December 2, 2011

Maison Cote new production

 All Pacific flakes sea salt infuse with wonderful herbs & spices
some of my new creation with my Pacific flake sea salt
Cherry, basil & pepper sea salt
Forestiere, Porcini & black truffle sea salt
Rare citrus, orange, yuzu & magrut lime peel