Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maison Cote edible made in Vancouver Peach balsamic

12 year old balsamic vinegar infuse with peach 200Ml $25.00
AAs well White Truffle or Mission Fig
I will be on Granville Island this week end as well as at Trout lake and Whistler

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Maison Cote edible made in Vancouver Sea salt boxes

ALways creating new infusion, two new one this week Pacific flakes sea salt
$4.00 per box or 3 / $10.00

Forestiere infuse with Italian black truffle & porcini mushroom Great on eggs, pork, fish, chicken, popcorn...
Blackberry Pacific flakes sea salt, Perfect for Chicken, duck, pork or just on salad...
Mission figs & prosciutto, great on foie gras, pork, beef, duck...

Maison Cote edible made in Vancouver Whistler farmer market

I will be at the Whistler Farmer Market as every Sunday Upper village at the Chateau From 11 to 4 PM
See you then

Friday, July 15, 2011

Maison Cote edible made in Vancouver Pepper blends

Production this week
Cowboy pepper,
Herbes de Provence pepper
Basil garlic pepper
Exotic pepper
citrus pepper
Mostard pepper

Sea salt
Basil garlic
Sea to sky
4 salts
Figs & basil
Figs & prociutto
Black sea salt
Herbes de Provence

Herbal blends
Chili citrus
Potatoes blend
Salmon delight
Herbes de Provence
French seasoning
Focaccia blend
Eggs seasoning

Hot Daddy

Vinegar -6-

Balsamic -12-
White truffle

Balsamic -15-

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Maison Cote Fresh Vanilla beans

Madagascar Papua New Guinea

Organic Madagascar
I just received a shipment of Madagascar vanilla beans they are so fresh so full of flavour and very well price.
1/4 Lbs Papua New Guimea 1/4 LBS around 34 Beans for $20.00
1/4 Lbs Madagascar (around 34 beans) for $20.00
1/4 LBS Organic Madagascar( around 34 bean) $25.00
For Shipping add $5.00
Happy baking

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maison Cote, Edible made in Vancouver,

New production of Fig & prosciutto sea salt , new lavender flower harvest 2011
We take a break from the Granville Island this week as we need to produce more for you guys,
I will be at the Granville Island Farmer Market on Thursday & Sunday in Whistler Farmer market

Friday, July 8, 2011

Maison Cote, Edible made in Vancouver, Organic balsamic

I start to bottle my Organic balsamic infuse with Organic unsulphured apricot/ 6% acidity, 200Ml $15,00
Bottle my 12 year old blsamic infuse with white peach, fig or original 200Ml. $25.00
Available on Granville Island at the Farmer market on Thusday and as a day vendor week end at the Market
This week end I will be at trout lake and sunday at the Whistler farmer market

Friday, July 1, 2011

Maison Cote, Edible made in Vancouver, Happy 144 Canada day Guys

Happy Canada Day
Will be on Granville Island all Week end
at West End Saturday and Whistler as usual on Suday Upper village at the Chateau