Sunday, May 3, 2009

Earth Day is long gone but not our efforts to make it better everyday

Couples simple thing not to hard to follow to save money and a great way to reduce your carbon foot print 

1-Reusable Coffee mug save 300 paper cup a year
2-Stainless steel water bottle save 300 Plastic bottle a year  In North America  tap water is great no need to buy it 
3-A tiffin to bring your lunch I carry my 4 part tiffin when I work at farmers Market of Craft Show  I am a good cook and it is not hard to make it great
4-Permanent bags I carry at all time in my car trunk 6 permanent bag 4 basic and 2 isolated  for perishable or frozen food 
5-In the back of this Picture  I have a compost for any Veggies or garden scrap 
6-In Front  I grow the most vegetables I could  this are some of my Zucchinis Plant  I will have 38 Plants this year and 100 Beans plants 30 tomato plants they will be all suspended upside down on a metal pole to save some space and I am looking to have a beehive as it is legal to have up to two per house in Vancouver.