Friday, August 13, 2010

Ghost Pepper

If you like spicy I got what you need !
In my last spice order I usually order some ground ghost pepper for my hot Daddy and hell rub.
This time there was a confusion in my order and I received 6 boxes of whole Ghost pepper.
So arm with double mask and vinyl gloves I pack them in 30 Gr. bag
even with washing my hands 4 time with soap I still feel the heat on my hands
at market or craft show $8.00 Each or 3 / $20.00 Mail or delivery order $10.00 or 3/$25.00

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A new wave of heat

I really love Summer and I really enjoy heat 35 to 40 Celsius make me so happy
There is only one secret to stay fresh it is water I do not drink soda or commercial juices, I never like it
I love water and to make it different I add some herbs from the garden into my 10 liter jug
Mint, basil, Thai basil is what I am drinking now, lemon grass, tarragon, cucumber ...
I made cachou blend with olive oil and a dash of my truffle sea salt & push it a step further I blend it to a cachou truffle butter serve on rye bread, in a satay with fish Yum