Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maison Cote @ Granville Island this week end

I will be on Granville Island Public Market this week end 
Friday to Sunday, 9 Am to 7 PM 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Maison Cote Raspberry & rosemary sea salt

E-mail of the week

Hello Jean-Pierre

Raspberry rosemary sea salt is perfect in my cute salt grinder. Pink is my favourite colour, so I use it on everything!

It was nice to meet you at Granville Island on Saturday.



Thank-you Candace for sharing this beautiful picture with us 
I am always thankful to ear or see what my creation become 
What a great grinder
Cheer Jean-Pierre

Friday, January 27, 2012

Maison Cote fresh ricotta and easy tomato pasta

 Fresh Pasta is so easy 
2 cup of flour, 2 egg, and a bit of cold water  start with a soup spoon and adjust  some flour absorb more then other  as I am using here a 00 I add 1/8 of a cup of water, 
 as I use an infuse 00 tomatoes flour I was surprise to see chunk of sundry tomatoes I pass to a sieve and ground it find into my food processor add to my preparation let it spin with a regular beater not the dough hook, till it crumble in pieces
Then I go manual to work the gluten, let rest for 30 Min. at least 

 Then I need to make some ricotta to go with my pasta, 2 liter of whole milk, a cup of whipping cream  the juice of one medium size lemon.  In a non reactive pot add milk and cream, bring to a slow rolling boil then add the lemon juice stir for 30 Sec and reduce the heat   
 Filter to large sieve with cheese cloth
 let drain it well, you could add seasoning as a pesto then you could 
 Rolling the dough
Stuffing made with fresh ricotta blend with black kalamata olive

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Last day in Los Angeles waiting for my flight at the Sheraton Gateway

 On of the great deal with this hotel as they cater to traveler  I check out early get to the
 JPaul Getty Museum get back around 5 and wait at the pool and the lobby before the Airport shuttle  bring me back to LAX.
I have to say this hotel is very friendly to the clients waiting for a late flight 

 The Lobby is large  wild open with  a large working station and lot of small Island where we could crash and watch Tele

Maison Cote, Fresh Pasta made with pesto 00 flour

 I still do not understand why we buy dry pasta as it is so easy to make
This one made with basil flour type 00
5 minute to make I always make a good batch and keep some in the frid up to 4 day
 Fresh basil & salted herbs raw
Done in 5 minutes, rolling, cutting, boiled in salted water & served with a roasted squash and butter + maison Cote Kitsilano pepper

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Maison Cote Vanilla

Vanilla Sugar 
Organic Cane sugar infuse with organic  Madagascar vanilla beans 
250 Gr. $8.00 per bags 3 for  $20.00

Vanilla beans 1/4 LBS
Papua New Guinea $20.00 per 1/4 LBS around 28 beans
Madagascar  $20.00 per LBS around 34 beans
Organic  Madagascar $25.00 Per Bag around 34 beans

10 Vanilla beans preserve in alcohol 
$15.00 per Jar

 Vanilla paste  2 fold 
(200 bean per gallon of corn sirup)
  57ml  =   $ 7.00 each 
125ml   = $12.00 each 
250ml  = $20.00 each

 Vanilla pure extract 2 fold 
(200 bean per gallon of alcohol)
  57ml  =   $ 7.00 each 
125ml   = $12.00 each 
250ml  = $20.00 each

Organic pure Vanilla extract (2 fold)
 57ml  =   $ 8.00 each 
125ml   = $14.00 each 
250ml  = $25.00 each

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dirty underwear for free internet

At the Sheraton gateway Los Angeles, I fund on the floor beside my bed a used female underwear 
I was a bit shock on how you miss this when you clean a room but a lot worst could happen so I pack them with the hotel pen to the plastic bag for the Ice bucket 
When I bring them to the reception they look mortified and offer to removed the $12.95 Internet Charge
This was nice of them.

Santa Monica, Pizza Antica

 Santa Monica Place, California (Pizza Antica)
 Best Antipasti ever so good

                      This is a Small Pizza  OK  to oily and no fennel taste in the sausage but nice
Spicy Fennel Sausage, Portobello Mushroom and Roasted Onion$11.25$17.00
Over hall what a great last day in Los Angeles

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paparazzi at Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles

Last week end in San Francisco my friend told me when in LA last week they had a great meal at Paparazzi at there hotel in Los Angeles. I told them this is my lat destination this week before coming back to Vancouver  so instead of going  to venice beach and stay at the hotel and rest and give a shot at this place. Well I should have gone to venice beach 
If you mist the 1970 you will be happy decor is modern but the food is very old school, heavy, and not close to any todays standard
 Great service the staff work fast and hard, very professional and polite 
 First a sundry tomatoes pesto served with half a loaf of bread, the pesto was so flat they need a acid to make it more palatable caper or pickle olive ... I request some raw garlic to add to it + seasoned it with salt and pepper
 The Eggplant  parmigiana, so much cheese and over cook I just taste the fat and salt of the cheese
 The Ossobuco to much sauce but the ossobuco was OK
Would I get there again, No.  There is just not enough time to waist with average meal

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another day another City

I am back to Los Angeles, need to get to the the J Paul Getty Museum  and then back to Vancouver

Dinner at spago vegas

Celine at Caesar Last night

I was in San Francisco for the Fancy food Show and fund a ticket on the second row at $250.00 instead of $1375.00 some of the joy of traveling alone, so book a room at the Caesar Palace a flight from San Francisco with return next day to Los Angeles
The Show was so great,  She deliver all the songs with brio, the pipe are wonderful,  The best moments for me where at 17th from Janis Ian, Mr. Paganini,  surprisingly Michael Jackson (I was never a real fan) so well done, the duos are great, and the Technical  for Titanic song, again not a fan of This song but WOW. Another full house 4100 of us at the Colosseum Theater with a great evening.
As I am a respectful person we where ask to not take any pictures and I did not  so you will have to go yourself to see this very beautiful show  

Caesar Palace Augustus tower