Thursday, January 10, 2013

Olives Market Whistler is now Open

 January 9th, "Olives" opened it's door to the public for the first time.
During our soft opening period which started today and goes until around Jan 24th. We will be open from 9am until 7PM daily.
During the "soft opening" period, a variety of new products and produce will be arriving daily and our staff will be working thru all of the normal "start-up kinks".
Olives operating hours will be adjusted after the grand opening (around Jan 24th) once we have had a chance to see our customers shopping patterns.
We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you at Olives Community Market soon.
Angela Perzow-Pelz
For more information contact 

101-1200 Alpha Lake Road - Function Junction Whistler BC,V0N1B3 

Main 604-932-3485     -     Fax 604-932-3585

Olives will be a great alternative to local week end resdents and to tourist dropping in Whistler for a small or long holiday

You will be able to find a great selection of local food Artisan 
starting next week my part of maison Cote Collection will be available at 
Olives Market Whistler 

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