Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Breakfast with Chorizo

After a busy Whistler Farmers market, I was on my way back to Vancouver on Monday around 11 am  I try to get to my regular breakfast place  Wild wood in Function Junction  but there was no parking  so I said to myself, let try Brackendale.  I remember this little place the Red Bench  Let go and try it
I get there around quarter before noon  the big breakfast rush was almost over and they where cleaning the tables, I ask should seat anywhere or do you seat us,  she told me , No just seat anywhere, so I did  in small rural village I never expect a fast service as in the city but I expect a good one.
I was waiting 10 Min then another couple arrive sat at the table next to me and the same waitress I talk to, go and served them right away, I was a bit piss but I wait a bit more as I was very hungry, another couple arrive and the same thing happen again.  Well I was furious and leave right away, I was thinking  to eat at Wendy's as I was so hungry, fortunately it was so pack I could-en even find a parking or get in line for drive true 
I finally drove to a very nice hotel restaurant in Squamish and really enjoy the service and the foods 
so I try to reproduce it to my taste with out the beaharnaise on the benny 
roasted organic potatoes, onion, green & yellow beans, chorizo, garlic, fresh organic red and yellow tomatoes from the Whistler Farmers market  with two poach egg on top + a spoon full of organic sour cream 
Thank-you Red bench to refuse to serve me  I received an amazing service and fantastic breakfast at 
Howe Sound Brewing Co

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