Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Curry Squash or Pumpkin Cream Soup


6 - 8 portion 
20min prep 
35min cooking 
1 dice onion
30 ml (2 TS) canola or olive oil
2 mince garlic clove 
15 ml (1 TS) Maison Cote Curry Mango or Madras Curry 
1.5 L (6 Cup) cube pumpkin or any squash
1.5 L (6 cup) stock (Vegetarian, Chicken or Turkey your choice)
30 ml (2TS) Heavy cream or Coconut milk
½ lemon juice 
1 pinch of Maison Cote Fire Dust or Cayenne
Salt and pepper to taste
Perfect for  dutch Oven or slow cooker
Throw the dice onion in the hot oil let them get soft couple minutes then add garlic, curry, salt & pepper,  the squash cube mix and then add the hot stock of your choice.
Bring to a soft boil reduce to medium heat for 20 min, with a hand mixer make a puree  add cream or coconut milk , lemon juice and hot spices to taste
if to thick add mrs stock if to liquid  let simmer longer

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