Sunday, December 11, 2011

Maison Cote The Original specialty edible sea salt specialist in Vancouver since 1993 , Save up to $ 277.80

There is a Spin off of my best seller product made by an ex-client
They wholesale now in 100 stores in BC 
We made the calculation 
20 Gr Portuguese flavor sea salt at $5.99, see in a Victoria grocery = almost $300 Per Kilo, 
It is more expensive then our Real Italian Black Summer Truffle sea salt, $220. Per Kilo 
But we all know the price of real truffle.

We have created since 1991, 480 blend of flavor sea salt, all natural solar salt harvest form France, Spain,  Italy,  Portugal,  Greece, Belgium, New-Zealand,  Australia,  Philippines,  Korea,  Japan, Bolivia,  California...
Our sea salt blend come in 300 Gr for $8.00 Per Bag or 3 for $20.00  Price per Kilo $22.20,
 a saving of $277.80 from the spin off,  
Our natural original sea salt blend are available in coarse, semi coarse or fine stone ground.


We have created 3 years ago a new line of flakes sea salt made with our Pacific Ocean a very expansive process to making this delicate salt flakes, we infused it with the best herbes and spices of this world.
 Maison Cote infuse Pacific flakes sea salt are available in 2 size 
20 Gr  3 for $10.00 = $166 per kilo

40 Gr. 2 for $10.00 = $125 per kilo
Different price online 
Experience 20 years of experience  
Thank-you for supporting a original Artisan, Maison Cote Edible made in Vancouver 
since 1991, incorporated in 1993
Do not get foul by a copy 

Maison Cote edible made in Vancouver 
Sea to Sky Salt 

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