Thursday, February 6, 2014

37 days as a full vegetarian

 I always love vegetarian & vegan food but this year I just stop eating meat and process food.
I am so surprise to see how easy it is for me to follow this life style.
I work very long hours from May to December,  7 day a week and often more then 12 hours a day but I really love my life and my work as I am pretty great at it , but true year I neglect the quality of my food source by eating more into restaurants good & bad, fast food outlet on my way to whistler at the farmers market, it was easier to stop at Tim Horton for a extra large coffee and a bacon egg bagel breakfast then make a lunch. have some great pastry at the Markets and icecream
I am lucky at 54 to have no health problem except ezyma on my two foot and pain on my knees and one foot.
The trigger this time is when I had to shop for new pants and realize Xtra large was not big enough  and need XXtra large a 42 size fell like I was a sausage in a casing.
I had to do something and I was ready to as I do not want to finish my life in a well chair on need a crane to put me out of bed.

Just before the Holiday I stop eating process food  quit coffee and black tea, became totally vegetarian, no more chip, chocolate and my prefer one menage at 3 with ben & gerry.
In less then 40 days I am now comfortable in a 40 size pant size from Seanjohn.
I do not feel this big burst of energy but I am not tire and I have no problem to get out everyday to take a walk.

Simple fresh food, less oil, lest sugar and lot of fresh juices to start my day with some oats meal
Life get better every day

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