Saturday, August 17, 2013

Best friends in the World, I was shower with Pierre Herme gift from Hong kong

I said it before I really have the best luck in the world & the best friends as well 
Pierre Herme open a new shop in Hong kong and my friend Yu and Alex have shower me with PH wonderful edible gifts
Good luck to fine a good Macaron in Vancouver  the one we find here  could often stay out of refrigeration and are good (as they say for days, Yiacrch, shit alert)
Let me tell you PH macaron are not as good as La Duree  (As well taste in Hong kong shop) but they have travel Paris- Hong kong,  Hong kong-Vancouver to land in my very happy mouth, they are more fragile the La Duree,  but close to perfection.
PH Chocolates are the best I ever taste, often here, the box and the chocolates are pretty but taste all the same,  with PH each chocolate give you a personality and it flavor right away in nuances, fantastic taste 
WOW so good 

 What you really thing I will have some left !
To bad we live in a small city where quality could not survive  we have so many wealthy Vancouverites to bad money do not translate to good taste (Gucci trash)
We live in a City where year after year Subway and Mac Donald are in list for best of Sandwich and fries  ???
We have evolve lot in the last 21 year but still have a long way to go before comparing us to a real international food City 

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