Thursday, August 1, 2013

Chilling in a Mason jar.

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yogurt pop
Chilling in a Mason jar. 
What's cooler than a tall jar of lemonade?  A tall, frozen treat in a jar.

Forget investing in fancy popsicle makers and saving tongue depressors.  This recipe, like most of ours, requires only what you've already got in your cupboards; a couple spoons and some kind of tallish glass vessel.  Barring a broken freezer, you should be able to make these without much else.

This recipe, or assembly, comes courtesy of two delicious people.  We stopped by Rose's newly opened Red Bread bakery and mini-grocer for a cool pop the other day, that one swirled with her super-delicious strawlisberry jam.  The other?  An equally yummy blogger named Marisa whose Food in Jars site makes us swoon (and whose book can now be purchased in stores and online)!

Frozen Yogurt in a Jar
Step 1: Get a jar.
Step 2: Place some goodies on the bottom .  Fruit, cookies, cake crumbs, granola- go wild.  
Step 3: Fill with yogurt.  
Step 4: Swirl it how you like it.
Step 5: Place a spoon in the middle of the jar.  Dip the spoon in jam before for a 'good 'til the last lick' experience.
Sep 6: Freeze overnight.  Warm the jar under running water for a few seconds, twist the spoon and enjoy!

Have a delicious day!
Clémence and Hadley 

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