Friday, August 9, 2013

Vancouver farmers market hierarchy

Every Farmers Market have their own in house rules and it is to the members to decide what is good for them.  At the Vancouver farmers market we are well structured with different comity overlooking at the well being of the whole structure, one in a wild we have to shakes theses rules to see if they are still pertinent to the good of the members 
A Farmers market is for local Farmers first where they do have priority ( this is normal as it is after all a Farmers Market) organic or traditional  the public decide what they want, after you have the foods Artisans such as farmers transforming their crop in preserves... Foods Artisan creating food or foods item for you to enjoy creating your meals ( Breads, pastry, cookies, salsa, pickles, seasonings, vinegars, oil & the local crafters, making your ceramic bowl, cup, mugs, soap makers, jeweler...)
A local Farmers Market is wonderful but when you go to your local Farmers Market and it becoming just like a backward of everything you could find at your local Supermarket  I really question the existence of those Markets,  A Farmers market should be a place where full time & part time farmers have a space to share their work and passion, a nursery for business wanting to stay small and not go to the wholesale circuit but also young company with the drive to become a big player in the local, regional, national or even go global. 
Rules are different from each category, no one is allowed to have a retail stores if so they have 3 years to exit the Vancouver’s Market exception of Baker they have to have a retail store or commercial facility to be at VFM if they open a second location  then they have 3 years to exit the VFM (Whistler is different as soon as a baker open a second location they are out right away) This year is the first time I have 6 weekend date not full at Local farmers market and for a small company it is hard to loose those revenue but those are the rules. For years I was very vocal over this subject when are you to big for local farmers market this is a question only clients and patron could answer as they are the one purchasing from those market .
Till then we will be at local farmers market sporadically till we open our own retail shop as I am getting old to lift those heavy boxes.

Thank-you the Vancouver Farmers market to work to open more and more FM 

Thank-you to the Whistler Farmers market to have me every Sunday’s to showcase my work for the last 14 years ( Next year Whistler Farmers Market will celebrate 20 years anniversary)
Thank-you to Granville Island to offer the Foods Artisan community a place to showcase our work to the world in the Public Market.

Here is some of the great things you could find or do at Farmers market 

Enjoy your Local market and Thank-you for your support 

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